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How To Write A College Essay
Here, we will take an example of a college essay written by a student. We will point out the mistakes to avoid while writing an essay.
A narrative essay is a kind of academic writing that seeks to convey a tale. Your objective as an author is to create the correct atmosphere and a realistic experience […]
What if we told you we had a tool with which you can plan your upcoming project, a college assignment or whatsoever? Sit back, relax and start creating your mindmap […]
Do you have to argue your point on a certain topic? In the right hands, they may be strong instruments for persuading others to concur with your viewpoint. This is […]
An argumentative essay is a kind of writing that demands students to explore a subject, gather, develop, and analyse evidence, and articulate a clear viewpoint on the issue. Argumentative essay […]
Freestyle writing is a kind of writing in which you must put out your ideas and emotions about a given subject for an extended period of time without pausing. Perks […]
Textify AI
In this release, we worked on the following features- Sign up/ Sign in feature  Single Sign in feature with Google Database integration to save essays Improved Landing page Improved UI […]
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In this release, we have worked on the following features- Improved predictive writing model (Using fine-tuned GPT models) Larger Essay dataset (3276 essays) Grammar Error Correction (Using T5 models) Paraphrasing […]